Our Logo Flower

As a beauty brand, we are constantly inspired by the smallest of things that spark joy, love and celebrate beauty with a sense of admiration. This is why, while choosing our logo, we decided to go with one of the most beautiful flowers in the world ‘Camellia’ that signifies the last name of the founder of our makeup brand – Rebecca ‘Kamely’.
Camellia is one of the most popular flowers in the world, symbolizing love and admiration. This gorgeous flower was named after the botanist Georg Joseph Kamel by Carl Linnaeus, as it was Kamel who had first described a species of camellia during his time in the Philippines.
Our logo flower signifies our brand’s vision to celebrate beauty. But, other than this, it also stands for our passion to create beauty tools that last long and pass the test of time while offering great performance.
As a makeup brand, we are constantly driven to come up with top notch beauty solutions that win the trust of our clients each time and make them want to come back to us for more.
Come join us in this celebration of beauty by trying out our products that ensure promising results for all skin types!